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The University of Hawaii Is Giving Free Access to Its Philippine Languages Library

It includes dictionaries, grammar notes, and lesson guides to seven Philippine languages.

The University of Hawaii has given the public free access to its online library of Philippine languages. You can now access dictionaries, grammar notes, lesson guides, and beginner textbooks for seven of the Philippines’ many languages. The languages the 17 books cater to are Pangasinan, Kapampangan, Tagalog, Ilokano, Hiligaynon, Cebuano, and Bikol.

Called the PALI Language Texts: Philippines, the series of language books was created by the Pacific & Asian Linguistics Institute. You can also download the PDF of each book to your device, free of charge. It might only cover seven languages, but that’s still a lot compared to most bookstores. Each book is detailed, too.

Here are all the books in the collection:

1| Bikol Dictionary
2| Bikol Grammar Notes
3| Bikol Text
4| Cebuano for Beginners
5| Cebuano Grammar
6| Hiligaynon Dictionary
7| Hiligaynon Lessons
8| Hiligaynon Reference Grammar
9| Ilokano Dictionary
10| Ilokano Lessons
11| Ilokano Reference Grammar
12| Kapampangan Dictionary
13| Kapampangan Grammar Notes
14| Pangasinan Dictionary
15| Pangasinan Reference Grammar
16| Spoken Pangasinan
17| Tagalog for Beginners


The best part about it? It’s not pirated or illegal, so you can enjoy the books without feeling guilty and learn about the Philippines’ many languages.

Happy reading!

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