Retro Rebooted: The Iconic, Stylish Smeg Fridge is Better Than Ever

It’s beauty and brawn combined.
Retro Rebooted: The Iconic, Stylish Smeg Fridge is Better Than Ever

You will always remember your first encounter with a Smeg FAB refrigerator. You might have seen it in your childhood home, in the background of your favorite film, or while flipping through pages of an old magazine. However your first Smeg story transpired, the fact is that its iconic look remains tattooed to your memory somehow. Beloved by artists, celebrities, and businessmen alike, the FAB Refrigerator is an eye-catching accent; a functional piece of art that instantly brings life to the room, in whichever of the many colors it comes in, and adds character to the kitchen. While it’s commonly associated with the retro style, the Smeg FAB refrigerator cannot be contained in that single word alone. Its smooth, clean lines, enamel finish, and fuss-free aesthetic gives it a timeless quality that seamlessly lets it blend into any style of home.

Smeg began in 1948, when it was established by Vittorio Bertazzoni as a metal enameling factory in Guastalla, Emilia-Romagna. The acronym stands for “Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla.” The family-run company introduced other appliances such as freestanding cookers, built-in cooking appliances, washing machines, and dishwashers before it produced the first FAB fridge in ‘80s. It was an instant hit and had discerning homeowners hooked since. It has since collaborated with equally iconic brands and creative juggernauts throughout its existence. These partnerships include Dolce & Gabbana, BMW, Swarovski, and Disney, to name a few.

But the FAB refrigerator’s unmistakable design is just one of its two best-selling points. Along with its regard for elegance, it also boasts of high-performing technology. With every update of the FAB models, its underlying technology gets more advanced by the year. The ‘50s-inspired look that everybody loves remains, while at its core, the FAB refrigerator continuously proves itself to be an investment worthy of any modern-day kitchen. Let’s take a closer look:

The FAB Refrigerators boast of advanced energy-saving technology.
There’s little we can do about the rising costs of electricity, except wisely invest in appliances that help keep the bills at bay. The new FAB models are outfitted with an inverter technology that’s been given an A+++ grade, the highest recognized by European authorities. On a practical note, however, the FAB single-door can account for only P12 in electricity usage a day, while the two-door model puts that value at P17. This is an unsurprising improvement from Smeg, a company that has always displayed a regard for the environmentally conscious consumer.

The cooling system keeps food fresher for longer.
This is a feature that must be expected from a standard refrigerator but an advanced multi-flow system makes all the difference in a FAB fridge. Cold air is distributed evenly so every item inside the refrigerator is kept properly. The two-door fab 32 comes with twin cooling technology to ensure no mixing of flavors from the freezer and refrigerator compartments. A -2 degree chiller is the perfect place to store food that needs to be chilled.

It lessens the chore of defrosting.
Homeowners can agree that one of banes of owning a refrigerator is the accumulating ice that needs defrosting every so often. The new FAB fridges now come with a no-frost freezer and a refrigerator with an automatic defrosting feature. It will save its owners a lot of valuable time and effort spent in the long run. The combination of style and technology is sure to satisfy any discerning homeowner.

SMEG provides topnotch service.
One of the misconceptions about a Smeg appliance is that it has a hefty price tag, which is not true, because you get so much more than just an appliance. For a mid-range price and its accompanying high technology, FAB refrigerators are synonymous with durability. Every model in the FAB line—from the compact FAB5 to the bulkier FAB32 two-door bottom freezer model—The Fab comes with a 10-year warranty on the compressor. Its local distributor of 12 years, Mondo Cucina Inc., also provides you topnotch service that helps customers set up their refrigerators and are just a call away should any unlikely issues arise.

Learn more about the FAB line of refrigerators, as well as other retro-inspired kitchen appliances, by visiting the Smeg Philippines website and the Smeg showrooms in Park Terraces Makati and in the Design Center of Cebu. Smeg is also available online at Lazada Philippines. Follow its official Facebook page and Instagram page for updates.

This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with SMEG.