Score Rare Finds at This Upcoming "Social Sellers' Bazaar"

LBC Express is bridging online sellers and shoppers in the real world.
Score Rare Finds at This Upcoming
Photo by LBC.

It’s certainly a lot easier and more convenient to shop online these days, but there’s still something to be said for shopping brick-and-mortar; and being able to touch, feel, and experience a product before proceeding to checkout. That’s why LBC Express Inc. (LBC), the leading courier and logistics company in the Philippines, is bridging these modes of shopping, with an experience for both buyers and sellers.

LBC is holding So Shop! A Social Sellers’ Bazaar Empowered by LBC on October 5 at Function Room 4 of SMX Manila, Seashell Lane, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, where customers will get to interact with their favorite online sellers in person. Here are some of the things you can expect to see and experience at the bazaar:

1. Shop a wide array of products, from cosmetics to clothes to household items to fitness equipment. So Shop! caters to every kind of buyer and every kind of budget. If you’ve been in the market for one particular item for a long time, this may be the place to finally get a hold of it.

2. Meet your favorite online sellers—and shop their wares—in person. Online shoppers will get to personally choose their next purchase from an assortment of products, from cosmetics to ready-to-wear clothes and household items from the booths of their favorite online shops. On top of that, shoppers can score exclusive deals offered only during the bazaar.

3. Learn from live engagements with customers, thought leaders, and influencers. Get to see and interact with popular celebrity entrepreneurs and influencers like Dennise Lazaro and Ashley Gosiengfiao; content creator Wil Dasovich; mompreneur Neri Miranda; and Neon Island founders Alyssa Gibbs and Aira Medina. They’ll be sharing their success stories that may in turn inspire your own shopping story.

4. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, this may be your chance to get a headstart on living your dreams. There are booths at So Shop! that can help you learn how to effectively use LBC’s Cash on Pick-up and Cash on Delivery services for your online business. As part of its mission to assist micro, small, and medium enterprises, LBC invites aspiring online entrepreneurs to see for themselves the opportunity that awaits.

Gear up for some Saturday shopping at So Shop! A Social Sellers’ Bazaar Empowered by LBC.

This article is sponsored by LBC.