5 Ways Filipinos Are Adapting to Life in Community Quarantine

Remember that being able to adapt is a privilege—be thankful for it.
5 Ways Filipinos Are Adapting to Life in Community Quarantine

We're over a week into enhanced community quarantine, and the effects of COVID-19 on everyday life are now more pronounced than ever. For many, these effects have been especially adverse: the pandemic has put many lives and livelihoods at risk.

If you're lucky, you're at home right now, and have the privilege of being able to adapt, simply by making changes to your daily routine, and by using technology to connect with others and stay productive. In that case, you're more easily adjusting to a new normal—and pulling through in these ways:


We’re finding creative ways to keep close.
The longer we observe physical distancing, the more we need creative ways to stay in touch with our loved ones. Thanks to today’s messaging and video-calling apps, such as Zoom and Google Hangouts, or even calls on Facebook Messenger, and Viber, everyone is easily within reach. Use this time to catch up with relatives and friends, to check up on them, and to send them words of encouragement. 

We’re seeing the value of utility apps and online transactions
Before all this, maybe you neglected offers to sign up for online billing, or prompts to download the apps of your network, bank, and utility providers. Now, though, it's easier to see the value of apps like PayMaya, which allows us to check our accounts, shop online, buy load for others, pay our bills, send and receive money, do bank transfers, and even donate to organizations helping frontliners and affected communities. Not only do these types of apps save us time now; they also keep us safe and allow us to help those in need.

We’re embracing the work from home setup
Companies and employees are now learning that remote work arrangements really are feasible, and have been feasible for some time. The internet has made it possible. This is why for many professionals, having enough data powered by a reliable internet service has become a vital work tool. Our internet connection puts us in touch with colleagues, allows us to share work files, keeps us productive in the comfort of their home. Providers that give extra data for customers, such as Smart Signature's bonus data package for subscribers, definitely help here.

We’re learning to rely on ourselves more
Turbulent times test our mettle, and in the absence of fast food, online delivery services, or app-based conveniences, many of us are learning to fend for ourselves. Cooking, washing, and cleaning—if you didn't before, now you must. Don't worry—there are many how-to videos and DIY channels on YouTube that can help.

We’re exploring new hobbies to calm our mind
Dealing with a pandemic—and the incessant churn of news that comes with it—may take a toll on our emotional and mental health. Discovering a new hobby, book, or series to get absorbed by is an easy way to calm our mind. Thankfully, the internet is great for that too. You can discover a new album or playlist on Spotify, get sucked into a new series on Netflix, or enrich your skills by taking online classes on Masterclass.


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