Why ‘Heroes’ is Among 2019’s Top Google Searches

In 2019, searches for heroes soared.

What does it mean when more people are searching for heroes these days? Google president Sundar Pichai revealed in a post on Twitter that, for 2019, searches for heroes soared around the world, whether these are superheroes or everyday heroes.

“Throughout history in times of uncertainty, the world looks for heroes. In 2019, searches for heroes soared,” read the text in Pichai’s video. Some of the most searched phrases about heroes are the following.

  • real-life super heroes
  • unsung heroes
  • unlikely heroes
  • what makes a persona  hero
  • not all heroes wear capes
  • superdad
  • supermom
  • people with super powers
  • can anyone be a hero

The video features inspiring individuals doing extraordinary things, but also everyday folk who are unsung heroes. The touching video concludes with a simple message. “To everyone using their powers to empower others, search on.” Watch Pichai’s video below.

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