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Snorkel Mask Maker Converts Snorkeling Masks Into Face Masks

Glickenhaus wants to make four million of these for medical personnel in the U.S.

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG) already made headlines in this space last month thanks to the 840hp 007 hypercar and the SCG Boot. Now, the company is making its way to the headlines yet again, but not for any car-related shenanigans.

You see, owner Jim Glickenhaus is now shifting his company’s efforts (temporarily, at least) from producing vehicles aimed at one-upping big names on the racetrack to helping out frontline healthcare workers in the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak. At the moment, he is pushing for the mass production of the full-face snorkel masks his company has successfully converted into reusable face masks.

Through the use of a universal medical-grade adapter, SCG has connected these snorkel masks with CPAP in-line filters. The company says that the snorkel masks make for good use since there are several of these currently in stock across the US. Plus, these masks are naturally waterproof, making them more likely to protect medical personnel from contaminants than a normal N95 mask would.


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The converted masks are not yet approved by the US Food and Drug Administration as of this writing, but SCG says the concept has already been submitted and a meeting for it will soon follow. Glickenhaus believes that the company can create as many as one million units a week if all the resources are readily available.


“This global pandemic is devastating. And it is also an opportunity to come together, support each other, and show the world how creative and helpful we can all be. We are donating 100% of our time and efforts, and we will pay the cost to create a mold to create a universal adapter. If we charge anything it will be simply our cost to produce the parts and nothing more,” the company’s statement reads.

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