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Contrary to What You May Have Heard, Shirtless Photos Aren't Helping You Out on Dating Apps

Leave the thirst traps on Instagram.

The online dating scene is a weird world to navigate. There are tons of unspoken rules that affect your chances, and a lot of these rules continually change over time. At this point, it's really all about being yourself—as long as you're not that guy with a shirtless photo on your dating profile.

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Yup, you're lucky we're here to tell you that a shirtless photo does not attract women the same way honey works for bees. In fact, it's probably the online dating world's equivalent to wearing a Speedo out of a competition or a European beach (the only two appropriate times to wear a Speedo, really).

You could for sure have a shirtless photo on your dating profile (and wear a Speedo anywhere for that matter)—we live in a free country after all. But, there's a data-backed study that says women don't want to see your abs front and center like that.

ADVERTISEMENT - CONTINUE READING BELOW, a leading date site, found that men who have a topless photo have 25 percent fewer matches. To get more information, the site even held interviews with random users with interesting results.

Sixty-six percent of women said that shirtless photos were a sign of immaturity, while 79 percent said that they wouldn't consider dating anyone with such a photo on their profile.

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The most interesting find from the whole study, however, was that 90 percent of men thought a shirtless picture was a good idea to get matches, aka the key to success. And before you ask, yes, those shirtless group photos with friends at the beach count, too.

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