Watch: Tourists Escape Crater Lake Minutes Before It Erupted

Tourists escape crater lake minutes before its eruption as seen in this gripping footage.
IMAGE Michella Domenici

A group of tourists were happily viewing Taal’s crater lake when someone spotted steam spewing out of the ground near the lake’s shore. As tourists, they thought this was part of the attraction, but the mood changed when their tour guide became frightened.

“It’s like smoking over there,” a voice on the video can be heard saying as the camera zooms in on the area. As seen in the video, the tourists had apparently planned to go down the crater lake, but were quickly led back up the slopes by the tour guides.

“Oh my god, so we’re going back up, we can’t reach the lake!” said the person behind the camera. “We’re galloping back up!” she exclaimed, describing the panic. A tour guide could be heard shouting, “Dali! Dali!” (“Faster! Faster!”)

Watch the terrifying video below.

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