On a Productivity Check? You Might Be Looking at Productivity the Wrong Way

Modern-day advertising warriors share the secret to optimizing their energy
On a Productivity Check? You Might Be Looking at Productivity the Wrong Way


Over the years, advertising has grown to become one of the most dynamic industries worldwide. But while it is flourishing, it is also notoriously demanding. In navigating this field, modern-day warriors have formed their own insights on how to optimize their energy, work with multi-hyphenate millennials, and build a good work-life culture.

“I learned that ‘busy-ness’ doesn’t equate to significant or value-adding activities,” says Dax Carnay, Chief Creative Officer of Echochannels PH. “I want to impart this to my team as wellthat the ‘busy-ness culture’ hinders you from experiencing new things that can further improve your actual productivity.”

While busy people are hellbent on fitting more things into their day, productive people take on a less-is-more approach when it comes to getting things done. “If people are bragging about being busy, I doubt that they have really ever been busy,” says Stephen Ku, Chief Executive Officer of Eventscape Manila. He believes that energy breeds productivity. “What you really need to explore are your energy sources. What keeps you moving? What takes so much of your time? What do you do after work?”

There’s a myth that people are too busy to care about their health,” adds Martin De Guzman, Managing Director of Elevation Partners. “I suppose it’s something I’ve learned as I got older, but it is important to schedule in time for physical activity. We weren’t made to be stagnant and still for long periods of time. As for me, I try to sneak in a quick workout at lunch.”

Perfecting productivity has its limits, however, as there are only so many hours that you can fill in your already hectic schedule. So how about focusing on your energy instead? “You need to manage your energy because truth be told, you can never manage your time,” says Dax. “We only have 24 hours in a day, and that’s not going to change.”

Working with a young and overly energetic team can also enhance your productivity. “I love it,” says Martin. “Energy is contagious and working with a team that is active and dynamic, especially in the creative industry, is a big plus. I love doing many things at once. I don’t believe people need to be so specialized anymore. We can learn; we can improve ourselves every day.”

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“I try to be as active as I can while getting enough sleep and eating right,” says Stephen. “Workweeks can be exhausting and draining, so I’m always on the lookout for fun energy avenues.”

“I start my day with a list,” says Martin. “No matter what, I need to fulfill what’s on that list. This helps me focus my time and energy for the day, and at the end of the day it allows me to rest easy knowing I accomplished the tasks I’ve set for myself."

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