This City in Metro Manila Has Banned Vaping

Aside from cigarettes, this city has also banned the use of vaping devices.

The Pasay City government has banned vaping in all enclosed public spaces, private workplaces, and public conveyances. The city council has passed City Ordinance No. 6061, which regulates the use of vaping devices within the city.

Section 2 of the ordinance states that the use of vaping devices indoors, such as in places of worship, hospitals, malls, government offices, schools, is prohibited. However, vaping could still be allowed if the owner of such public spaces allows it and provides a designated smoking area for it.

Using such devices is also prohibited in public conveyances such as in airports, roads, train stations, bus stops, and more.

“The absolute ban on vaping in public conveyances mentioned in the preceding section does not apply in inter-island vessels, where vaping areas have been designated,” reads the ordinance.

Violators of the ordinance may face fines of P2,000 to P4,000 and up to 24 hours of community service.

In March 2019, Quezon City banned the use of vaping devices, citing public health reasons. In August of the same year, a similar move was pushed by the Department of Health, which seeks to ban all forms of vaping in public spaces. The Metro Manila Development authority expressed strong support for the initiative. 


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