Nope, Imee Didn’t Graduate from Princeton, Says University Paper

She didn’t graduate from the U.P. College of Law, either.
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Ilocos Norte governor and current senatorial candidate Imee Marcos never received a degree from Princeton University, says the university's student paper, contrary to the information provided in her biography and official Facebook profile. 

The Daily Princetonian, the school’s official student publication and one of the oldest college newspapers in the United States, belied Marcos’s claims in a story posted on its website.

According to the paper, Deputy University Spokesperson Michael Hotchkiss sent staff members an email saying Marcos did attend Princeton from fall 1973 to spring 1976 and returned again for fall 1977 to spring 1979. Her independent concentration—or Princeton’s term for a major—was Religion and Politics.

However, “Our records do not show that Ms. Marcos was awarded a degree,” The Daily Princetonian quoted Hotchkiss as saying.

Local online news site Rappler had earlier obtained the same information from Hotchkiss, but this is the first time the rebuke comes from Princeton University’s own independent daily newspaper.


Marcos had also claimed that she graduated from the University of the Philippines College of Law, although this, too was, quickly disproven.

Earlier this month, U.P. Executive Vice President Teodoro Herbosa set the record straight with Rappler concerning Marcos’s alleged law degree from UP.

“There is no record of her graduation from UP [Diliman] nor any honors or academic distinctions received with the University Registrar's office,” Herbosa said in its email to Rappler.

The Daily Princetonian further mentioned in its story how the academic qualifications of Imee Marcos’s brother, Bongbong Marcos, have also been questioned.

“Although the former senator insisted that he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from the University of Oxford, the university stated that he only earned a ‘Special Diploma in Social Studies,’ the paper said. 

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