The U.S. Leads in Confirmed COVID-19 Cases. While Global Cases Are Now Over 500,000

The U.S. leads with over 81,000 cases.
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The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the world doubled in just the last week, reaching as many as 510,108 as of the last update by the Johns Hopkins University, reports CNBC. So far the virus has claimed the lives of 22,290 people around the world with around 120,000 discoveries. 

The U.S. has already overtaken China and Italy with the most number of COVID-19 cases at 81,321 and over a thousand deaths. Scientists have also told the New York Times that the Trump-led country could be one of the worst hit by the pandemic. 

According to the same report, as the numbers dwindle down in other countries, the U.S.'s fast-rising stats could be attributed to a series of missteps and lost opportunities, including a failure to take the pandemic seriously from the very beginning, a lack of testing efforts, and a severe shortage of protective and supportive medical equipment.

As of the last count, the Philippines has tallied 707 confirmed cases, with 45 deaths and 28 recoveries. To address the situation, President Rodrigo Duterte on March 26 appointed Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process and former AFP chief of staff Carlito Galvez Jr as "chief implementer," tasked to ensure stict compliance to the guidelines issues by the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases).

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