The Best Men's Watches To Buy Right Now

Built to last, we round-up the finest Swiss watches on the market.

The world's most stylish watches tend to be the ones with the highest price tags. That's not to say that you can't pick up something great for a little less than you might have thoughtyou just need to shop around a bit. Oh wait, we've done that for you. 

1| Tom Ford 001 Stainless Steel

Photo by MR PORTER.

From fancy suits to fancy fragrances, Tom Ford has built an empire on well-made, red carpet finery. You can now translate that to your wrist. As an early jaunt into horology for the American designer, the 001 stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the old guard thanks to a classic design and a punchy square dial. Standard issue for your next big premiere. 

2| TAG Heuer Aquaracer Men's


TAG Heuer's Aquaracer cleverly occupies a niche. It's Swiss, but not at all stuffy. It's sporty, but not overtly so. It's on the top end of haute horologerie, but doesn't require a remortgaging of your home. It is, in short, the Goldilock's porridge of all things watchy: just right. 

3| Junghans Meister Driver Chronoscope

Photo by MR PORTER.

As a manufacture with links to the Bauhausa Weimar-era German art schoolyou'd expect Junghans to deliver a creative touch to its output. The Meister Driver Chronoscope delivers. And there's depth to the 1920s-inspired dial, too, with a precise J880.3 calibre residing beneath to power an open caseback and chronograph movement. 

4| Montblanc Tradition Chronograph


For Montblanc, tradition is important: They've made top quality things since 1906, from writing instruments to leathers and watches, and they're proud of that. Rightfully so. So, it makes sense to channel that very thing in the maison's stainless steel chronograph: a classic piece that manages to make what should be a sports-led design top table material. 

5| Bell & Ross BR V1-92 Racing Bird

Photo by MR PORTER.

Commanders of the skies (or, at least, the watches of the skies), Bell & Ross are a go-to for modern, aviation timepieces. Take the BR V1-92 Racing Bird limited edition. With all the hallmarks of a classic pilot's watch, Bell & Ross pushes the template into 2019 thanks to a minimalist design and a clean-cut colour palette. 

6| Gucci Eryx Watch

Photo by GUCCI.

For a time, fashion-led watches were seen as lesser to the Swiss marques: too concerned with trends, and without the prestige of a manufacture in Le Locle. Gucci is changing that. For proof, we refer you to the Eryx: a piece plucked straight from the Metropolis film set, and one fitted with an automatic movement to turn the old boys club green. 

7| Longines Master Collection 


Longines does a lot of things very well. The Master Collection adds classic, dress watch cues to what should be a sports-led chronograph. True to form, Longines has exceled itself. 

8| Rado Hyperchrome Rose Bezel


For all of the merits of tradition, Rado is unashamedly, refreshingly open to going modernand the HyperChrome is a modern watch through and through. Packed with the manufacture's signature technology, overarching stainless steel is diluted with a rose gold bezel. Who said never mix your metals, again? 

9| Baume & Mercier Classima Automatic

Photo by MR PORTER.

If you're to spend a sizeable sum on a Swiss watch, it'd be beneficial to get something that lasts. We don't mean just the insides, either. Of course, they're important. But with Baume & Mercier, equal effort is poured upon a classic aesthetic: The details that'll ensure your watch endures in 2019 and beyond. The Classima does all of that. 

10| Oris Aquis Green Dial Watch

Photo by ORIS.

Dive watches often never leave dry land. And with good reason: Just take a look at Oris' Aquis watch.  Following in the tradition of submarine timepieces that prefer a pop of color, this handsome piece boasts an automatic movement that deserves to be kept above sea level. Preferably in a safe.

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