Longines' Upcoming Watch Is Your New Goes-With-Everything Piece

The Flagship Heritage is finally on the horizon.
IMAGE Longines

Watch buying isn't a business you take lightly. When it's a proper Swiss piece of a proper Swiss pedigree, there's lots of choice on offer. You can go all Le Mans 1963 with a traditional racer's watch. You can go high function with a robust dive watch (just don't take it in actual water, please, really). Or, alternatively, there's the option of a classic that'll tick all the boxes – and no watch does that better than Longines' upcoming release.

Photo by Longines.

The Flagship Heritage is a nod back to an original 1957 launch, and has changed very little since its inception. That's no bad thing. Where so many marques on the left-field could be prop building for an early Luc Besson flick, Longines keeps things simple. So that means a black lacquered domed dial, a polished finish, and a palette that'll go with everything in your wardrobe. Literally everything. What's more, it's the first time the Flagship Heritage has enjoyed such a blackout.

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And it's not just a pretty face. Inside, the Flagship Heritage is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement – the sort that'll keep itself powered by feeding on the kinetic energy of your wrist – within a sizeable 38.5mm case. Not quite an arm cannon, but not so slight as to fly under the radar. Longines gets it just right.

As will you. For when Swiss watches usually command a bigger budget, clinching that cost-per-wear ratio is important. Unsurprisingly, Longines has nailed that too. Look, we told you it was a very good watch.


Available from mid-July at

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