This Titanium Casio G-Shock Costs Over P120,000

It packs a lot of tech

What if we told you that somewhere out there is a Casio that costs as much as the down payment for a high-end SUV? Shocking, we know, but such a thing truly does exist.

This is the G-Shock MRGB1000D-1A, the latest addition to the Japanese watchmaker’s luxury MR-G line. It costs $4,200 (around P121,000), and for that price you get a watch encased in titanium. Casio assures that it retains the “absolute toughness G-Shock is known for.”

The timepiece is designed with Japanese inspiration in mind, and indeed the sword hands and the sharp edges conjure images of samurai blades and ninja weapons. It features red and black accents on the dial to contrast the titanium exterior. Tech-wise, the watch is shock- and water-resistant up to 200 meters, boasts an LED illuminator with afterglow, runs on solar power, and has Bluetooth connectivity.

Other goodies on this watch include an alarm function, a stopwatch, airplane mode, a countdown timer, full auto calendar, date display, and a World Time function with 27 time zones available. It’s available only from select G-Shock retailers.


So, this watch, or a down payment on your next car? Let us know your thoughts on this timepiece below.

Photo by CASIO.

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