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But don't worry, your cat loves you.
A couple of years ago, a video of a dog went viral: It shows a dog grieving at the death of its owner. The pooch was seen crying at the grave of its old master:Somehow, 40,000 years of domestication have made dogs ...
Puppies have the opposite effect.
Dogs and humans seem to have evolved to live together for each other’s survival, and one study supports it. According to the study, there is a significant decrease in the likelihood that a child will develop schizophrenia if he or she was ...
Some people could be denser than dogs at reading emotion.
Have you ever been so upset or angry at one point that you notice your how your dogs avoid contact with you? Or perhaps you were sad or quiet and they just snuggle right up to your face and lick you?Apparently, dogs ...
Humans have produced more plastic in the last 10 years than the last century.
Plastic pollution is at an all-time high. The world is simply swamped with so much harmful plastic waste that microplastics in our seas have outnumbered the stars in the galaxy.From how much we use and the time it takes to degrade to ...
How it got there will forever be a mystery.
This morning, residents of Barangay Lobbot, Dipaculao were surprised to find the corpse of a female great white shark washed up on the beach. Measuring about 17 feet, the shark was quite a sight. It’s certainly unusual for a great white shark ...
As enumerated by CARA Welfare Philippines volunteer Alexis Ko.
1. Limit your consumption of animal-based products.As a vegetarian of 11 years, cutting meat out of my diet has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Though it doesn’t mean that everyone has to become a militant vegan to make a ...
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