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A follicular investigation.
It’s getting hairy out there, folks. Or, there. As self-isolation becomes the reality for many people across the world, people are starting to find all sorts of ways to amuse themselves while stuck at home. And in the grand tradition of ...
Celebrities are embracing their age, and it looks great on them.
At last night’s Oscars ceremony, a night where we typically see Hollywood’s best and brightest scrubbed, shellacked, and primped for the gods, a surprising trend emerged: many of the most celebrated men of the evening turned up with beards. And not just any ...
A not-at-all-scientific rundown of your options.
A beard is not simply a beard. It can be a Clooney. Or a Hemingway. It can evoke the vibe of the Old West or, if it's your thing, an old-timey magician. (Note: The latter should, under ideal circumstances, not be your ...
Eight men 'fess up on their beard love.
Admit it: You’ve thought about what you'd look like with a beard. And we’re not referring to the week-long scruff on your chin. We’re talking about a beard in its full and thick glory. Depending on your genes, growing a respectable beard ...
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