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Here’s how they lived truly rich lives according to their own rules and standards.
With influence and legacies lasting way beyond their years, the dashing debonaires of Old Manila continue to inspire generations thereafter to live their lives to the fullest: rich in experience, seeking the best of what the world can offer, and most of ...
See this heartwarming family photo of the Tantocos.
Bienvenido “Lolo Benny” Tantoco, the 98-year-old co-founder of Rustan's, was recently snapped in a photo with four other generations of his family. Although the photo features only seven people, it captures five generations of Tantocos in one heartwarming image.Seen in the photo ...
Yvette Fernandez sits down with one of the oldest retail families in the Philippines.
One of Nedy Tantoco’s earliest memories of Rustan’s is as a preteener working behind the claim counter during her summer break. It’s where customers—many of them friends of her parents, Gliceria Rustia and Bienvenido Tantoco, also known as Glecy and Benny—would claim ...
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