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The stand-up comic talks about writing his first book, Mixed Plate.
In Jo Koy’s first-ever book called Mixed Plate, the comedian talks about his growing up years in vivid detail that he only hints at during his stand-up comedy performances. He punctuates the stories with a punchline in his live act, but in ...
What does it take to succeed as a male escort?  
What does it take to succeed in the oldest profession in the world, the one that offers love or, more specifically, the service of love? You need to be “tall and muscular, dark-haired and olive-skinned, with a charming smile.” It would also ...
The gift of wisdom is always the best kind of gift.
We’re a few days away from Christmas and if you still can’t decide which gift to get for your friends, family, boss, or colleagues in the business circle, maybe this list can help you get through.Here are the 10 Best Business Books ...
Aswangs are going international.
In Jason Tanamor’s novel Vampires of Portlandia, a family of aswangs immigrates from their homeland the Philippines to the United States’ Pacific Northwest. Settling in Portland, Oregon, the aswangs are surprised when they discover other aswang breeds living among them. Tanamor, a second-generation ...
The Age of Umbrage delivers the author’s trademark wit and sarcasm, but with a hopeful twist.
In Jessica Zafra’s The Age of Umbrage, we meet Guada. Precocious, no-nonsense and a voracious consumer of books, music and film, she anchors a book that is part-bildungsroman and part-social critique, set during a time when pop culture was inescapable, but just ...
Can our national hero actually be a serial killer?
It’s always fun to imagine alternate history scenarios, especially when they involve well-known personalities. There are tons associated with Dr. Jose Rizal (was he really the father of Adolf Hitler?!), but an interesting one has our national hero and Jack the Ripper ...
It has to be read to be believed.
So we’re at that stage of the pandemic where we’re seeing art created during the lockdown period. Musicians are composing music, painters are painting, and writers are well, you get the idea. Whether or not they’re any good is often debatable, but ...
There are the many hypnotic, liquid lines that wash over you, gliding like water with music and sensuality.
Danton Remoto was one of the four instructors at the helm of my very first Creative Writing Workshop course at the Ateneo in Manila, the summer of 1988, my senior year in college. At the time, he was teaching at the English ...
CEOs reading CEOs.
After what feels like years in quarantine, everyone’s been brushing up on their reading habits and going through the “to-read” piles in the corner. Megaworld CEO Kevin Tan is no exception.The businessman’s been keeping busy during quarantine with a stack of business ...
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