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MapBeks is working toward LGBTQI+ representation and inclusion through mapping.
Pride Month may be over, but the fight for LGBTQI+ rights goes on. An organization called MapBeks has made some very useful maps for the community: an LGBT Safe Spaces Map, HIV Facilities and Support Map, and Stories Map. The current LGBT Safe ...
Travel back in time when you visit this historically significant site.
This August, we'll finally be able to visit the country's largest Spanish artifact. El Deposito is one of the oldest underground reservoirs in the world. Located in San Juan, it was built in 1882 to supply water to Manila's residents. During the ...
They accept all kinds of plastic waste too.
The online shopping industry has grown exponentially during the pandemic, and unfortunately so has the plastic waste from all our packages. This shouldn’t be surprising considering how many Lazada and Shopee reviews comment on quality of the packaging rather than the actual ...
The open map makes it easy for cyclists to share info on new bike lanes, repair shops, and hazards.
Since last year's lockdown limited access to public transportation, more and more people have been switching to biking as an alternative to get around the city. And in response, the government has been adding new bike lanes all over the metropolis. While in ...
If you need a refresher, here's your complete guide.
Trese is a series close to my heart, what really drew me into the komiks was the action and use of the source material. When I heard about its upcoming anime adaptation, I, as well as many other fans, expected a lot. And ...
A baby boomer and millennial discuss generational differences in the new book, OK Boomer, Tell Me Y.
Pride Month is in full swing, and it's likely the issue of LGBTQ+ rights may pop up during family meals. And while society's understanding of sexual orientation and gender identity has evolved over the years, it's still a contentious topic for many ...
And no, easier coordination in person is NOT a valid reason.
Now that Metro Manila has been placed under GCQ with "heightened restrictions," many companies are considering requiring their employees to return to the office. But it's not as simple as asking staff to wear masks and maintain physical distancing. The DOH has ...
Watch Pac-Man racing around your living room or check out the Gundam on your street.
These days, we’ll take every little bit of amusement we can get to break the monotony of staying home 24/7. Luckily, Google Japan has just made it possible for everyone to view their favorite Japanese characters in AR.The list of characters includes ...
Take in the sights of Kyoto and Osaka with All Star Osaka.
With the pandemic situation being what it is, travel to Japan feels like a far-off dream. In the meantime, you can still simulate the experience of visiting the Land of the Rising Sun through All Star Osaka Walk's virtual tours.The one-hour tour is ...
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