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They originally intended to become lawyers before switching career paths.
Learning about our favorite stars' past lives (aka their lives before blowing up as celebrities) is always interesting. Some of the most famous pop stars now started out with a regular job, while others were on a totally different career path before pursuing stardom. Here, ...
It's opening on June 30!
When news broke that the annual Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is still pushing through this 2021, shares and likes went by thousands—showing how much excited we all are about another opportunity to purchase more low-cost but high-quality books (that we may or may not read in ...
Don't be surprised if you cry watching a tutorial on how to change a car battery.
Not everyone is lucky enough to have (or still have) a dad. If you’re a half-orphan or the child of a deadbeat dad, Father’s Day can seem like a struggle instead of a celebration. Thankfully, the wholesome corner of the Internet is ...
UST has never looked this cool.
There’s just something about pixel art that makes it an instant crowd favorite. Maybe it’s the nostalgia from seeing images rendered in the style of our childhood games, or how this particular style can make absolutely anything look cute. And artist AdroitCell is ...
Finally, we get it!
Everything that happens in the RC Cola Universe operates in the "basta" mentality of Gen Z that says not everything in life has to make sense, at least at the literal level even for advertisements. However, in its latest film released Thursday, its creators from GIGIL ...
Get to know the showrunner of Trese.
One week after its release, Trese is No. 1 on Netflix Philippines’ rankings. Since its debut, it’s breached the top 10 Netflix TV show charts in 19 countries. This global impact was unexpected to say the least, but Trese’s Filipino-American showrunner and ...
Microsoft recently announced that it would soon end all support for Windows 10, making the majority of the world’s population that uses Microsoft instead of Apple curious as to the next OS update. The first official look is slated for the Microsoft ...
Apparently 'heroes don’t do that.'
On this fine day of batshit, comic-book-adjacent news, we've learned a rather startling revelation about what truly separates a hero from the rest of us plebes. This universal truth, apparently? Heroes don't go down on people.Here we go. On Monday, Variety published a deep dive on how shows ...
He will reportedly be flying to the US later this year.
Huge news: Park Seo Joon will reportedly star in the second installment of the Brie Larson-led Captain Marvel film, titled The Marvels. Korean media outlet Star News broke the story, saying that the Itaewon Class actor received the offer and will be leaving to film in the United States later this year. ...
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