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Along with interesting trivia on how Spanish has made its mark on Tagalog and other Philippine languages
In history class, we’re often taught that the friars didn’t teach Filipinos to speak Spanish because they wanted us to remain ignorant. But if that’s true, why is it that former colonies in South America like Mexico, Colombia, and Venezuela have Spanish ...
Justice for Crap Bag.
The Friends Reunion released its A-List star lineup on Friday (May 14), and while impressive, we can’t help but be disappointed. Because for whatever reason, Justin Bieber got a guesting spot and Paul Rudd didn’t. Or Cole Sprouse, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, ...
From strolling through Versailles to taking an Art Selfie, you’ll never run out of things to do with the Google Arts and Culture app.
Let’s face it—these days, it isn’t that easy to satisfy your wanderlust, especially if you feel like going abroad. Right now, the easiest way to travel the world is virtually, and Google has an app for that. Google Arts and Culture lets you visit ...
Could we be any more excited?
Excuse us while we replay all of our favorite Friends scenes with Lego's fanboy Friends set. It's clear everyone over at Lego is a hardcore Friends fan like everyone else in our generation as this detailed set boasts 2,048 pieces lovingly made by people ...
Army of the Dead drops on Netflix on May 21.
Most of us know Dave Bautista from his lovable goofball role as Drax in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy series. Fans of the WWE, of course, know him as Batista, the “Animal” who dominated the squared circle for the better part of the last decade.But ...
Who would survive smart zombies?
If you’ve seen the trailer for Zack Snyder’s Netflix zombie film Army of the Dead, then you know it’s the must-watch film of the summer. A zombie breakout, zombie heist, zombie queens, zombie tigers—what more could zombie fans ask for? Let’s not ...
N-Plus could be coming to your screens soon.
"Plus" seems to be the ultimate buzzword for streaming devices. After Disney+, Paramount+, Apply TV+, and ESPN+, Netflix might just join the bandwagon with "N-Plus," a behind-the-scenes content hub separate from the main Netflix platform.Netflix is reportedly surveying select users for its ...
The ice is starting to crack on this subject.
I am not the managing editor of any newspaper and there are about 298 excellent reasons why that’s the case. However, I can’t believe there was enough BREAKING! news this weekend that this story from CBS News got buried. I mean, there can’t be that much interest in ...
Netflix takes us all the way back to Eleven's origin story.
Good news for you Stranger Things fans, who may or may not have forgotten that this show, you know, exists. (The last season debuted nearly two years ago!) There's a brand-new teaser for Season Four, which still doesn't have a release date. Netflix dropped ...
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