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Another K-pop talent as a Philippine brand ambassador.
Smart Communications adds another star talent group to its growing brand ambassador roster. After its successful campaign with BTS, Smart is teaming up with another Hybe talent once more, this time with Big Hit Music's TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT).The five-member Korean boyband ...
OG delivers Only Good stories.
OG is Summit Media's flagship video-first brand. And like all Summit Media brands, OG is all about top-notch storytelling that entertains, inspires, and connects with audiences. Expect extraordinary subjects, surprising revelations, and outstanding visuals, all coming together to create impactful stories you ...
Ten years after the singer’s death, we’re still talking about the voice, the beehive, the tattoos, not to mention, the calamity. We should talk about our complicity, too.
A 20-something co-worker of mine recently let slip that her go-to karaoke selections are the hits of Amy Winehouse. “Those songs come on and instantly everyone freaks out,” she said. I asked why she thought they still hit so hard. “Mainly it’s ...
Morgan Neville loaded up a playlist featuring Dylan, Gaye, and more, with recommendations from Bourdain's friends.
Filmmaker Morgan Neville's documentary about Anthony Bourdain has found itself in a bit of a controversy lately—but there's no denying that Neville set out to make the most essential, unshakeable tribute to the late chef.If you had any doubt that Neville is still committed to preserving ...
Unwind with this playlist.
Ever find yourself searching for lofi songs on YouTube and browsing for piano playlists on Spotify? You’re not the only one. Music has a way of reducing stress and dealing with tough times, so it’s no wonder that science has confirmed, more ...
Many of us didn’t wake up because of the earthquake alone, but because of the Android earthquake alert service made by Google.
If you’re like us, you woke up sometime before 5 a.m., just minutes before a 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit Calatagan, Batangas. The earthquake could be felt throughout Batangas, Cavite, Metro Manila, and beyond. And as always, Filipinos turned to the tried and ...
Farewell, Superman.
For almost 10 years, the world has known Henry Cavill for his breakout role as Clark Kent/Superman in the first Snyderverse DC Extended Universe film, Man of Steel. Since 2013, Cavill has been the face of Superman, starring in DCEU films Batman ...
The Big Boss responded to a fan who tried to connect Loki's TVA to Julia Louis Dreyfus's Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine.
Here at Esquire, we love ourselves a good fan theory. We really do. But at the rate we see Redditors and YouTubers and your nerdy brother churning these things out, it's kind of like having Cheesecake Factory for dinner every night. It's all ...
Before Catriona, there was Carlene.
With two major beauty pageant titles under her belt, Miss Universe Philippines 2018 and Miss World Philippines 2016, netizens claimed that Catriona Gray was the first beauty queen in pageant history to win more than one. But in truth, she was only ...
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