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'A picture is worth a thousand lives.'
Since the current administration’s notorious war on drugs was launched in 2016, it has been the subject of local and international outrage. The divisive drug war has caused a split in Philippine society, with no solution in sight. Three years since the ...
Marilyn Monroe's death 57 years ago still fuels speculation.
Marilyn Monroe is a true fixture in American popular imagination—funny, beautiful, and dead before she could be mocked for succumbing to the vicissitudes of time, or for fighting the clock with needle, thread and skilled doctors. Her glamorous life and lonely death ...
What began as a simple exploration of a prison took on greater purpose as filming began.
There’s more to the Filipino story than meets the eye. As Netflix’s five-part docuseries Happy Jail proved, the joy perpetuated by the dancing inmates of Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) was a coping mechanism for the troubling issues brewing under ...
Not one, not two, but three!
The Oscar is generally considered one of the most prestigious awards a filmmaker can acquire in their lifetime. Competition is stiff and the selection process is stringent, but behind every nominee lies The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: a collective of seasoned individuals ...
'Leaving Neverland' premiered at Sundance to a standing ovation and outrage from the singer's family.
Late last week, Park City police were preparing for the worst at Sundance. Fans of Michael Jackson were threatening to protest the premiere of Leaving Neverland, a new documentary from director Dan Reed that investigates child abuse claims against the late artist.The night of ...
Proving once again that he’s the sort of guy that your wife would leave you for.
Goddammit, Atom Araullo. You could’ve just settled into a desk job like the rest of us, and your good looks would’ve still been an edge over everyone else. But no, you had to be a goddamn documentarian who travels the country and ...
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