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The Bongbong rocket was a highly guarded state secret.
There was a time in history when the Philippines was ambitious enough to start its own missile program. It was during the ’70s when the country was apprehensive about the United States discontinuing its defense commitments with the Philippines. At the time, the ...
From the Great Fire of Sri Lumay to the treaty that ended the reign of the Rajahs, the history of Cebu history is rich and complex.
Here’s a fun fact you can bring up whenever we can go back to not wondering whether the pandemic or abject hunger will kill us first: Cebu City is the first and oldest city in the Philippines, having been founded in April ...
Awareness and information help people take charge of Type 2 diabetes
Statistics released by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) show that 463 million people worldwide have diabetes and that the disease has caused 4.2 million deaths in 2019. As alarming as those numbers may be, the figures have been on the rise for decades, ...
Raw beauty caught in a high-stakes dispute.
Tensions between the Philippines and China over the West Philippine Sea have flared up in recent weeks and neither one is backing down. Beyond the exchange of diplomatic notes and naval saber-rattling, small civilian communities try to live normal lives while staking ...
We might soon see commercial fishing vessels in our favorite dive spots.
Filipino fisherfolk are up in arms as a new piece of legislation threatens their only source of livelihood. House Bill 7853 seeks to allow commercial fishing vessels to exploit marine resources within municipal waters, which is 15 kilometers from the shoreline. Small-scale ...
There’s P21,000 cash inside his chocolate cake.
Josh Munji, who turned 21, thought he was just celebrating another pandemic birthday. But when he was about to blow the candles on his cake, his family told him to pull out the “Happy Birthday” decor on it.Munji joked, “May P21,000?” Turns out, there was. According ...
Each room is fitted with two beds for mild and asymptomatic COVID-19 patients. 
Schools—they’re not just for learning anymore. With COVID-19 infections overwhelming hospitals in Metro Manila, the region’s educational institutions have been tapped by the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) as new locations for isolation wards. Answering the call, the University of the Philippines converts its ...
Mabilis pa sa alas kwatro’ dates back to the 1900s.
“Ikaw talaga, hindi ka mautusan, pero pagdating sa lakwatsa, mabilis ka pa sa alas kwatro!”(“You can’t be relied on with chores, but when it comes to gallivanting, you’re faster than four o’clock!”)You’ve probably heard the phrase “mabilis pa sa alas kwatro” when ...
We tracked down the kids of School of Rock.
When School of Rock premiered in 2003, nobody expected it would become the icon that it is today. It was so successful, it inspired a stage musical and a Nickelodeon series of the same name. One of the things people loved about ...
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