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The new investment marketplace aims to elevate Filipino financial literacy.
About 70 percent, or over 50 million of the Filipino adult population, remains unbanked, but projections say the figure will be cut down to just 20 percent by 2025. Financial technology platforms are doing their best to encourage more people to participate ...
New endemic trees are available on the GCash Forest.
In the past, the GCash Forest only had narra and dungon on its list of trees for adoption and planting. In 2020, it added a special species (and the most expensive in terms of points), the great yakal tree. There’s a reason why these ...
The popular e-wallet has helped transition the country to a cashless, contactless, and digital financial reality.  
The increased adoption of fintech services is one of the positive things that happened last year. As the pandemic kept Filipinos mostly in their homes, people were forced to rethink how to shop for goods, pay bills, transfer money to relatives, and ...
Filipinos helped reforest 75 hectares of forest at Ipo Watershed through GCash. 
Every now and then, GCash users are prompted to check on their “adopted tree” whenever they use the app: “Your forest needs you!” it reads. At first, we actually thought the “forest” was nothing more than a virtual concept peddled for more ...
More people are using digital wallets to donate.
While many people are trying to keep busy while staying indoors, that doesn’t mean there’s no desire to help. Search through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and there’s no shortage of people and NGOs calling on ordinary Filipinos to support efforts to contain the ...
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