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Give an automatic boost to your wardrobe with these timepieces.
What is an automatic watch, you ask? Compared to a watch with a quartz movement, a watch with an automatic movement derives its energy from the wearer, rather than a battery. The self-winding watch uses harmonic oscillators to tell time precisely. An ...
Because it's mooncake season once again.
The Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for family reunions and expressions of gratitude. Many, however, simply take part in the festivities by eating mooncakes which is a Chinese delicacy that's known characteristically for its round shape and sweetened bean paste or lotus seed paste ...
The coconut crab lives up to 60 years old. Many of them end up on dinner plates.
The coconut crab (Birgus latro) is a delicacy in Batanes. It is also the world’s largest invertebrate. To prepare it, locals would steam it in coconut milk and allow the crab’s natural flavors to soak the soup. It has a texture and ...
The tycoon's son is currently in the middle of an investigation.
The death of Bree Jonson, a 30-year-old artist, has cast the spotlight on Julian Ongpin—and by extension his father Roberto "Bobby" Ongpin. We've explored who the younger Ongpin is. But, who exactly is his father Roberto Ongpin?Here's what you need to know about ...
How Henry Soesanto’s leadership helped build one of the largest companies in the country today.
Henry Soesanto is an Indonesian who has already embraced Filipino culture. Here’s the story of how he helped turn Monde Nissin into one of the biggest companies in the country today.With a market cap of P340 billion, Monde Nissin is now among ...
Meet the 2021 MADE awardees.
Eight outstanding Filipino artists won this year’s pool of P2 million in prize money at the 2021 Metrobank Art & Design Excellence (MADE) Awards. The annual event, which aims to elevate and inspire Filipino artists, adopted the theme “Spectrum: The Art of ...
A scion of a prominent businessman.
Julian Ongpin is in the headlines after he was arrested by police for alleged drug possession last Saturday (September 18) in the beach town of San Juan, La Union. Media reports, quoting police sources, say drugs were found in the 29-year-old Ongpin’s room, ...
Happy Chilean National Day.
As Chile celebrates its independence from Spanish rule on Saturday (September 18), here’s one agricultural product that’s deeply rooted with the country both figuratively and literally that you should know about. It’s said that European Vitis vinifera vines were brought to Chile by its ...
'We're not hearing anything of direction and of hope for the country.'
Politics is, unfortunately, a testy subject in the Philippines. The drama unfolding in news headlines and press conferences often eclipses all else, and it’s no surprise that most Filipinos view politics in an unpleasant light. With election season around the corner, even as ...
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