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It's about who circumnavigated the world first.
As part of the events celebrating the 500th anniversary of the first circumnavigation of the world, Instituto Cervantes de Manila, the cultural arm of the Embassy of Spain, will be holding the online debate "Magellan vs. Elcano" on Wednesday, March 10, at ...
A new type of ‘resurrection.’
Do you remember those moving paintings in Harry Potter? Well, it looks like reality is catching up to fiction thanks to a new AI tool called Deep Nostalgia by MyHeritage. Deep Nostalgia, which takes its name from deep learning, the tech used ...
Rafael Crame was a talented officer in the Spanish and American colonial governments.
In February 1986, at the height of the EDSA People Power Revolution, Camp Crame became the focal point of events as then-Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile and then-AFP Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Fidel V. Ramos consolidated their forces at the police ...
There were over 1,800 residents in Guinsaugon. Only 53 survived.
The 15th anniversary of the Guinsaugon Landslide on February 17 quietly passed as an ordinary day for most Filipinos. But for the people of Guinsaugon in the little town of St. Bernard in Southern Leyte, it is an unforgettable event that scarred ...
Then it skipped December 31 to catch up with the rest of Asia.
Time, at least as humans perceive it, has not always been constant. Nowadays, if you fly to Singapore, you don’t need to adjust your watch. Both countries fall under the same time zone. But it wasn’t so long ago that the Philippines ...
The documents prove the quest for independence was on a national scale.
When people think about the colonial history of the Philippines, a lot of the discussion focuses on the Tagalog-based struggles, leaving in the peripheries the equally significant fight for independence of the people of the Visayas. The formation of the Federal State of ...
Artists Renz Botero, Natu Xantino, and Ram Botero reimagine the ancient gods of Filipinos.
The Southeast Asia Queer Cultural Festival 2021: “Be/Longings” is a virtual festival that reclaims, reimagines, and insists on LGBTIQ belonging in the region. It features more than 30 works, performances, and events by LGBTIQ activists and artists from all over Southeast Asia.Among ...
Home to serial killers and the site of numerous murders, the death of Elisa Lam is just one chapter in the true story of a building synonymous with death and violence.
Home to serial killers and the site of numerous murders, the death of Elisa Lam is just one chapter in the true story of a building synonymous with death and violence.A new Netflix documentary series, Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel, covers the ...
Corregidor’s Eternal Flame languished in darkness for decades.
Around the world, there are countless monuments called Eternal Flames. Wherever these are located in the world, they are usually found near war memorials. They symbolize a nation’s perpetual gratitude for the people who sacrificed their lives for freedom. Corregidor's Eternal Flame of ...
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