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Funding will protect rare and priceless ethnic stoneware from around the country.
The National Museum of the Philippines has received a grant from the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation, Inc. (GBF) to establish the Elizabeth Y. Gokongwei Ethnographic Stoneware Visible Storage and Resource Center at the National Museum of Anthropology.The project will provide Filipinos and experts ...
Conyo, pan de regla, and puto seko have very vulgar meanings in Spanish.
Considering the Philippines was colonized by Spain for 333 years, it is ironic how the vast majority of Filipinos do not speak Spanish. In fact, it is the only former Spanish colony where a majority of the citizens does not speak the ...
Elizabeth Jane McBride Bracken had been buried in an unmarked grave since 1876.
The story of Jose Rizal’s relationship with Josephine Bracken is well-known and oft-told. Bracken lived with Rizal when he was exiled to Dapitan and, according to some accounts, the couple got married the night before Rizal’s execution.Bracken herself was born in Hong ...
See the old ‘skyscrapers’ of Tondo.
Old Manila is often the stuff of legend—we’ve all heard our grandparents wax nostalgic about how beautiful the capital was before it was decimated during World War II. Nick Joaquin’s A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino mourns the passing of the ...
Fifty years ago, six students from Mindanao State University successfully hijacked a plane and brought it to China.
These days, it would be hard to believe that Fructuoso Chua, Jr. ever led an exciting life. A first glance shows nothing more than an old man living a quiet life with his dogs. But first glances are always treacherous, and behind ...
The Lakambini of the Katipunan played an important role in the Philippines’ struggle for independence.
One quiet evening in March 1893, a young couple stood in front of a gathered audience in Oroquieta Street, Santa Cruz, Manila. The house was owned by Restituto Javier and his wife Benita. The young couple had been married barely a week ...
The history of Nayong Pilipino stretches back over half a century.
Schoolkids of a certain age will remember field trips to Nayong Pilipino: a jaunt through some of the most beautiful regions of the Philippines all in the span of one day. There were scale models of the Banaue Rice Terraces in the ...
The fight for women's right to vote lasted over three decades.
Lorena Barros once said that the “new Filipina is first and foremost, a militant.” But Filipinas have been militant for decades before Lorena uttered her famous phrase.One episode in this history was on April 30, 1937, when Filipino women convinced the National ...
Two Americans secretly taped Marcos revealing the plot to retake Malacañang.
After the success of the EDSA People Power Revolution, Ferdinand Marcos and his family were forced into exile in the United States. On February 25, 1986, the dictator fled to Hawaii via Guam, where he would live out the remainder of his ...
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