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We take the 10th generation Honda Accord out for a spin.
Most Filipinos who own cars make do with a basic four-wheeler. Just Google what the bestselling vehicle is in the country and you’ll understand. It’s not a dig at compact and subcompact sedans; we understand how difficult it is to get around, ...
Honda also unveiled a new CRV model.
Honda Cars Philippines Inc. (HCPI) is celebrating its 30th anniversary this month and just this week, it announced the unveiling of its all-new fifth generation Honda City and new CRV models.  ALSO READ: HONDAHonda’s 30th Birthday Bash Made Me Think About My First Civic in the ...
There was a time Honda asked you to sign a waiver not to use your car as a raffle prize or taxi
Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI), Honda Japan’s automobile business unit in the Philippines, is celebrating its 30th year of operations this October. Its entry into the country in 1990 brought much needed excitement in what was then a docile auto industry that ...
It’s definitely not your typical, day-to-day car.
Many of us have a Civic story. If you’re a car guy who went to high school and college in the 1990s or early 2000s, there’s more than a fair chance you drooled over your friend’s Honda Civic. It was always some ...
There are tons of compact crossovers available in the market today, but you can’t go wrong with the CRV.
My friend Pedi had a silver Honda CRV in the early 2000s. We took that thing everywhere—gigs, concerts, dinner and drinking sessions, and even the occasional road trips. I remember thinking how easy and dependable that ride was, and thought to myself ...
Tesla’s in the running.
COVID-19 cases are showing no signs of slowing down in the Philippines, but the government has already eased up on certain restrictions to get the economy going again. That includes land travel between cities and provinces. Some people used the nearly three-month lockdown ...
You can buy a new car without leaving your home.
Businesses left and and right have been upended because of the coronavirus pandemic, and only those innovating and offering new ways to reach customers have a better shot at surviving and thriving in this so-called “new normal.”Also read: Pacquiao Ranks Second on 10 ...
The executive sedan now comes in fastback form and with a turbocharged engine.
With its new body and engine, the 10th-generation Honda Accord makes a huge departure from the norm and a flaunts a combination of efficiency, power, and sporty styling to the executive sedan segment.Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) executives were beaming when they ...
New styling and convenience features update the 10th generation Civic.
Since it was first introduced in 2016, the latest iteration of the Civic has sold almost 10,500 units in the country, making it one of Honda Philippines Inc.’s top sellers. To excite fans further, the Japanese car giant has added new styling ...
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