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You should seriously consider this subcompact sedan from the Korean carmaker.
Few events in a man’s (or woman’s) life are as memorable as buying your first car. In the Philippines especially, where public transportation leaves a lot to be desired, “graduating” from being a jeepney or MRT commuter to driver of your own ...
Kia Philippines celebrates its first birthday under new management with some sun, sand and surf.
The new folks at Kia Philippines celebrated its first anniversary by rounding up a couple of dozen motoring media to a ride-and-drive to Baler, Aurora. The company was was re-launched with a new distributor, which now operates under AC Industrials, a wholly owned ...
We test drive the 2019 Kia Sportage GT-Line AT 4x2.
Sportage is one of those names that rolls off the tongue better than just about any other SUV out there. It sounds exotic, French even, but what it really stands for is “sporty age” or simply put, a state of sportiness.As the ...
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