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The latest iteration of the German carmaker’s mid-size luxury SUV is its best one yet.
These days, almost every carmaker in the world has entered the lucrative sports utility vehicle (SUV) space. It took a while for them to catch up, but even luxury automobile brands are making up for lost time and are getting in on ...
The car's sharpest iteration yet
This car may be labeled as "entry-level," but trust us when we say it looks anything but. Auto Nation Group (ANG)—Mercedes-Benz’s official Philippine distributor—has just launched the new A-Class, and this might be the subcompact car’s sharpest iteration to date.The vehicle’s new ...
Whether it’s paragliding or trekking through an active volcano, the German marque’s midsize SUV delivers
There’s an old saying attributed to CS Lewis that goes, “Adventure is never fun while you’re having them,” but I don’t think that’s always true. For example: hovering over the green fields of Carmona, Cavite while strapped onto a pilot in an ...
Here are the most interesting cars to hit the show floors in the past year, according to you
Manufacturers have debuted a handful of great concept cars recently. Here are some of the coolest.If you thought the Vision 6 coupe couldn't get any better, you were probably shocked to see the Cabriolet version. It looks like a yacht on wheels, ...
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