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The film festival will be held from September 1 to 11.
Erik Matti's On the Job: The Missing 8 has been selected for competition in the 78th Venice International Film Festival. The film festival's lineup was announced by Venice Biennale president Roberto Cicutto and artistic director Alberto Barbera.On the Job: The Missing 8 is ...
Farewell, Superman.
For almost 10 years, the world has known Henry Cavill for his breakout role as Clark Kent/Superman in the first Snyderverse DC Extended Universe film, Man of Steel. Since 2013, Cavill has been the face of Superman, starring in DCEU films Batman ...
Sorry, Geralt.
No hate to Geralt or anything, but the world couldn’t be any gloomier when he's around. Thankfully, Netflix is giving us a taste of a witcher with an actual sense of humor in its upcoming new anime film The Witcher: Nightmare of ...
Tiffany Haddish is also starring.
Seems like only yesterday we were all watching Jo Koy’s hilarious standup clips on Facebook. Now, he’s got three Netflix specials and an upcoming movie with Universal Pictures based on his life story.We’re sure his mom is proud of him—and basking in ...
The Suicide Squad vs Suicide Squad?
The DC Extended Universe is expanding, with The Suicide Squad being its second full feature film to be released in 2021. The film is set to be released on HBO Max/HBO Go on August 6, 2021, but it’s already receiving pre-release buzz from critics ...
Rotten Tomatoes settles the debate.
We’ve all seen some sort of incarnation of pure evil, justified evil, or even good-turned-evil in films—and they’re all as unimpressive as the last. Villains define superhero movies, and it’s Loki iteration of chaotic evil that won him the title of Ultimate ...
Apparently, she just learned that Zack Snyder's Justice League kills her character off-screen.
Superhero movies! What can you say? A lot of shit happens in them. Sometimes good. Sometimes bad. But so much shit happens in these flicks, apparently, that sometimes, the people who star in them don't even know the finer details of what ...
A new season, a new movie, a new game, and more.
2021 is going to be the year The Witcher universe comes back with a bang.Plenty was revealed during the first-ever WitcherCon, an online convention for fans of all things Witcher, from behind-the-scenes sound bites to an entire new game to be launched. ...
Here's a guide to this month's binge-watch.
If you ask us, July is the perfect time to stay in. We know, we know... we've stayed in for over a year now. But, the Philippines' weather tends to be unpredictable at this time of the year. So, as much as ...
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