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You need to hear them sing live.
The world-famous Loboc Children’s Choir just celebrated its 40th anniversary. Through the years the group has captivated audiences both here and abroad with their pure vocal harmonies. They have won national and international competitions, and have performed before heads of states, royalty ...
We chat with the rising 21-year-old artist.
Twenty one year old Jack Rutter, now more famously known as Billboard chart climber Ritt Momney, is IRL exactly how he sounds like on the radio. What you hear is pretty much what you get. We sat down with the Salt Lake ...
Creativity clearly thrived during the pandemic.
While most of us just couched and watched Netflix while staying indoors, artists got busy and found inspiration within and beyond the walls of their own home. Want proof? Listen to these OPM gems right now. Artofbodybending is a strange name for a ...
BYE2020 is how we're ringing in the New Year.
Some of the brightest local and international names in music are coming together to say adios to the year that was and ring in 2021. Headlining BYE2020 are singer-songwriter Jeremy Zucker (US), hitmaker Maximillian (DK), soul pop outfit Peach Tree Rascals (US), ...
What pandemic?
In 2020, music was made, and, as always, some were better than others. Creativity blossomed while we were all forced to stay indoors for the better half of the year. Hereabouts, there were some pretty special releases, and the best were the ...
The 23-year-old singer-songwriter from Northern Ireland is set to hit it big in 2021.
Something about music we universally agree on is the appeal of songs that speak to us. Or better yet, music that speaks for us. The ones about the ones that got away, those that we’d rather forget about but can’t, or love ...
"The Unmaking of an Era"
UPDATE: It's a book.Offshore Music is coming out with a book called Alternate Endings: The Making of the Final Set and the Unmaking of an Era. Written by music writer Aldus Santos and designed by Gelo Lagasca, the book is a "limited ...
The song forces you to ask yourself, "Am I a bad person?"
When two talented singer-songwriters come together, one can only expect great things. That’s exactly what happened with American artist Sarah Barrios and local indie darling syd hartha. Barrios is an American singer-songwriter who has built up quite an impressive resume over the years. ...
The charismatic frontman will be sorely missed by his legions of fans.
Vladimir Garcia, more popularly known as Jamir and vocalist of the band Slapshock, has died. He was 42 years old. The news was reported by several media outlets, quoting a report by the Quezon City Police District Station 3.The police report said ...
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