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It provides easy and seamless Spotify access to anyone behind the wheel.
Playing music inside our cars has become more and more seamless these days. In-car entertainment really has come a long way—from AUX cables and simple Bluetooth connections, we now have modern-day features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto at our disposal.Plus, in ...
Would Kurt Cobain have approved?
Kurt Cobain may have died 27 years ago, but his memory and music will live on forever. But, as in the case of many others who passed on to that great big rock concert in the sky way too early, fans have ...
The singer has said she 'felt embarrassed' by the recent New York Times documentary. Is this another fairytale princess narrative she has had forced on her?
Free Britney, the rallying cry of her fans in response to the controversial conservatorship which means the singer's father has control over her life, has hit an apparent stumbling block. The movement had been gaining momentum after the New York Times documentary, Framing Britney Spears, ...
The video features the song “No Son of Mine.”
One of the most popular bands on the planet just put their stamp of approval to a music video produced by a local motorcycle group. Last March 31, the Grammy-winning rock group Foo Fighters fronted by rock superstar Dave Grohl posted a video ...
It was quite a surprise, for those who’ve seen it.
After the surprise inclusion of a few Filipino words in the end credits of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Pinoy Marvel fans are once again losing their collective minds. By now it’s no secret that the third episode of the Disney+ ...
In a new statement, the global superstars condemned anti-Asian violence in the U.S. and shared personal stories about the racism they've faced.
In a statement posted on the official BTS Twitter on Monday night, the global superstar K-pop group spoke out against anti-Asian racism and violence, sharing personal sentiments of the racism they've faced as young Asian men at the forefront of popular music across the ...
Ed Sheeran rules the digital music service.
Music streaming services are not only accessible and convenient, but they also provide a way for us listeners to support our favorite artists. How much coin have we given them? Well, Top Dollar has just revealed the most valuable songs on the service by ...
The 64-year-old admits to grappling with feelings of relevance during the pandemic, but he’s showing no signs of slowing down.
When Joey Ayala pops up onscreen he is wearing a sleeveless top in front of a black background. The 64-year-old musician is all smiles as we exchange pleasantries, but I couldn’t help commenting on his muscled arms and toned physique. And so ...
The musician gave a shoutout to her Filipino fans.
Filipino aunts, am I right? No matter where you are or who you are in life, they're always just there to support you... but not without their typical tita ways, of course. Don't know what we're talking about? Well, just look to ...
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