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Home to serial killers and the site of numerous murders, the death of Elisa Lam is just one chapter in the true story of a building synonymous with death and violence.
Home to serial killers and the site of numerous murders, the death of Elisa Lam is just one chapter in the true story of a building synonymous with death and violence.A new Netflix documentary series, Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel, covers the ...
The blog is used to better understand the young woman's mental health before her 2013 death.
Elisa Lam, a 21-year-old student from Vancouver, was on a solo trip up the West Coast when she vanished on January 31, 2013 during her stay at the Stay on Main, a hostel within the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Nearly a month ...
The streaming giant hit 200 million paying subscribers in 2020.
Netflix is on a roll and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon. The streaming giant reported that it hit a total of 204 million paying subscribers worldwide, which is nearly double the current population of the Philippines (110 million). That means ...
A teaser for Netflix's 'Don't Look Up' reveals more than you'd think.
We don't know a lot about Leonardo DiCaprio's next film, Don't Look Up. We know it's a satire about Leo and Jennifer Lawrence as two doom-mongering astronomers, that the first clip from it turned up on Netflix's big round-up of all its 2021 ...
The country might follow price increases in the US and other territories.
Netflix announced price increases in the US and other markets in late 2020, and some of those hikes have started being implemented this year. In America, a standard monthly subscription is going up $1 (about P48) from $12.99 (P624) to $13.99 (P672), while ...
This four-episode miniseries applies laws of life on Earth to how extraterrestrial life could look. 
No matter where you are in the universe, physics dictates there is only one way to fly efficiently, one way to swim efficiently, and one way to walk efficiently, and that is how science should imagine how alien life could look based ...
The actor/director and his cast give us the lowdown on the Netflix space epic.
The problem with George Clooney growing a Father Christmas beard is that it’s hard to take your eyes off it, which means you might not give The Midnight Sky’s story the attention it deserves. We’re talking about a mightily impressive feat of facial ...
Streaming services grew into behemoths as we all watched at home, but is their success good for creative content?
With everyone stuck at home and movie theaters closed, streamers have quickly become the primary source of home entertainment. While we inch ever closer to the end of the pandemic, the actions and movements of streamers in 2020 will have implications far ...
'Every year I seemed to be saying this was the worst year ever. Then along came 2020, which puts all of that into sharp relief.'
Well, that was an... eventful year, wasn’t it? As 2020 prepares to crawl back into the hellscape it arose from, it’s only natural that we’ll want to sit back and take a minute to process all of *gestures around* this.Thankfully, there’s one man who’s ...
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