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A leisurely Sunday drive quickly turned into an unexpected adventure.
It started out innocently enough: you get a nice car for the weekend, you take it up to Tagaytay. I’ve done it so many times it’s practically a no-brainer. So on that Sunday afternoon, after a nice long lunch at City of ...
Atsushi Najima had a relationship with the Japanese brand even before he joined the company.
Atsushi Najima had some very big shoes to fill when he took over the job of Nissan’s top guy in the Philippines earlier this year. Under his predecessor, the Japanese car giant experienced a spectacular surge in sales, taking it from as ...
It's too early to say, based on current reports.
Nissan has been going through a rough patch as of late. Last week, it announced a huge drop in profits for the first quarter of the fiscal year.We reported the estimated drops prior to the Japanese carmaker’s official announcement. The values we ...
How do you best illustrate the capabilities of a full-sized SUV? Go on a drive, of course.
When it comes to gigantic off-roaders, customers are spoiled for choice. Many carmakers offer full-sized SUVs for people who like space—lots and lots of it—to go with performance and style. Ford has its Expedition, Chevrolet has the Suburban, Toyota has its Land ...
The Japanese car giant has been on a roll, and it looks like it’s not stopping anytime soon.
In the consumer space, capturing market share is a laborious process. All your competitors are working just as hard as you are in wooing customers, so progress is hard to come by.Not in Nissan’s case though. How does a 100-percent increase in ...
We brought the new Nissan Terra to the trails of Mt. Mayon to see if it can really go anywhere
Summer is the perfect time for beach pics and out-of-town selfies. Road trips are always fun, too. That is, until your car gets stuck in mud and you find yourself screaming at your phone with no signal in the middle of nowhere. ...
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