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On Philippine history: Should it be told in context to the nation or to the globe?
History must be learned and read, but how must it be told? This is the challenge of historians and historiography today.Top Story: Mark Twain Had an Idea For a Philippine FlagHistoriography, or the act of writing history, is not just a matter of ...
Scribbled musings as lockdown enters its fifth month.
The notion that after this pandemic, everything will return to normal is an escapist narrative. It feeds our incessant longing to get out, even if we have little avenues to do so. Everywhere we go and everyone we have become intimate with are ...
An essay on media bias, personal bias, and the inconsequentiality of the bias of it all.
When we talk of "bias" nowadays, we often refer to the buzzword circulating on critical remarks directed against the news media. As a mere observer of the circus known as contemporary political and social affairs, we may have really gone haywire unlike ...
Why 'normal' is the cause of all this chaos.
From the way we raise our families to the highest decision-making bodies, humanity seems to be in agreement that we are far better and wiser than our ancestors. With our cars, technology, sciences, electricity, and other conveniences previously unavailable to us for ...
The best ways to preserve your sanity in lockdown.
Let’s begin with what you’re not going to do.You’re not going to maximise this opportunity (yuck) to write that long dreamed-of novel. You’re not going to maximise anything, except maybe your gut. You’re not going to learn the guitar. Or Spanish. Or ...
A quest to reclaim the happiness of reading.
“I am having a hard time reading books now,” seems to be a catchphrase which I’ve been hearing a lot from my circle of friends whom I’ve always identified with as fellow booklovers. Mind you, some of these are the same people ...
An essay by a Filipino living in Italy, where COVID-19 has killed over 2,000 patients and placed the entire country under lockdown.
As I write these words, the sky outside the window is overcast. It looks bitter and hard like concrete. The empty, quiet roads, the closed shutters, and drawn curtains of houses all exude an air of defeat. Even the birds are unusually ...
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