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'The island gives you peace enough to bring out the best in you.'
“Siargao allows you to be at peace,” says Dr. TJ Manalang, a municipal health officer in General Luna, Siargao. “You are at peace whatever happens to you the entire day,” he added.  It’s not very easy to find peace these days, especially when we’re constantly bombarded with all ...
How a chord progression and relationship problems led to the song.
What do you get when you combine a chord progression with relationship problems? A hit song, of course. That’s exactly what happened with Mayonnaise and 'Tayo Na Lang Dalawa.'Songwriter and frontman Monty Macalino walks us through the inspiration behind the track, which came soon after their monster hit 'Jopay.' By then the band had ...
How one of the Sexbomb Girls inspired the band to write the hit song.
One of the surest signs you’ve made it in showbusiness is when you get a pop song written about you. That’s probably how Jopay Paguia feels. The original member of the Sexbomb girl group is the inspiration behind the hit song “Jopay” by Mayonnaise. But how exactly did the band write the song? Why Jopay, ...
The story behind the romantic holiday song.
Jose Mari Chan endeared himself to generations of Filipinos with the contemporary Christmas classic “Christmas in Our Hearts.” It’s a song that reminds people about the origins of the season: celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. But when Chan’s record producer asked him to write another track for his seminal Christmas album in 1990—this time ...
The origins of a Christmas classic.
It’s not a Filipino Christmas without the staples: simbang gabi, bibingka, lanterns, and Jose Mari Chan’s “Christmas in Our Hearts.” Since it first came out in 1990, it’s become the unofficial theme song of the season, and Chan himself a living symbol of the most wonderful time of ...
How Super Mario Bros. helped inspire the love song.
“Kahit Kailan” established South Border as one of the biggest bands in the country, but their popularity only continued to grow after they came out with their next single. “Love of My Life” is a notoriously difficult song to sing as original band vocalist Brix Ferraris delivered much ...
It started with a high school crush.
It’s the song that launched a thousand and one versions on YouTube. “Kahit Kailan” is a modern classic and is well-known to anybody who grew up listening to OPM in the 1990s and 2000s, or passed by any neighborhood videoke joint. Now, South Border’s main man Jay Durias takes us through the genesis of the ...
Here's the story behind the inclusive viral love song.
“Bagay tayo” literally means “we’re compatible” or “we’re good together.” It’s a common thing to say when you’re being cute with someone you like. And that’s exactly how the ALLMO$T song started. Released in 2018, a lyric video of the song currently has over 81.5 million views on ...
Social media superstar Mimiyuuh helped 'Dalaga' become a certified hit.
Most groups get together first before they create music. You don’t often hear it happening the other way around. But with ALLMO$T, that’s exactly what happened. The members of the hip-hop group behind the phenomenal hit “Dalaga” all had their own things going until ...
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