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Now if only they were available here.
Owning a dog is awesome. Owning a dog if you love your ride is the same, albeit with a little more concern over shed fur, drool, and scratched trim involved. If you’re looking to balance a passion for both canines and cars ...
More and more dogs are experiencing heat stroke this summer.
With Manila's heat index rising to 40.4 degrees Celsius this week, everyone is trying their best to avoid the scorching sun and the humid air at all costs. While many people have been retreating to the comforts of air-conditioned homes and offices, ...
Now you can have a drink with your best friend in the whole entire world.
Beer for dogs exists, marking the next logical step in the evolving bond between man and canine: Dogs will become our drinking buddies. Pretty soon, we won't need to make human friends at all.The trend in so-called dog beer has cropped up ...
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