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Get to know the country’s highest-ranked golfer.
Miguel Tabuena is a familiar name in local sports. The 26-year-old has won numerous awards as a golfer and is today one of the top-ranked local players in the sport. He represented the Philippines in the Olympics in Rio De Janeiro in ...
Madam Auring rose to international fame in 1974.
Aurelia Sabalboro, professionally known as Madam Auring, has passed away today, October 30. She was 80. Her grandson, Daryl Simon Pecson, announced her passing on Facebook. “I feel sad and happy. Sad because I will never see you again, your wisdom, your corny ...
'Tardi Bears' are some of the toughest animals in the Universe.
Marc “Mackie” Mapalo, 27, is blazing a trail in the field of sciences. He is currently taking up his six-year Ph.D. course on Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard.Currently, Mapalo is focused on laying the groundwork for the comprehensive molecular study of ...
He served as chairman of ABS-CBN for over 20 years.
When you mention leadership at ABS-CBN, you can't help but picture Gabby Lopez, even though he has long vacated his post as the network’s president and CEO. That is because Lopez was also the longest-reigning chairman of ABS-CBN. He held the position ...
Only two Filipinos ever made that feat.
Law school is known for having an arduous curriculum because of the nature of the profession. Before you even get to attend law school, you'll also need to have a degree in any pre-law course that's worth four or so years of ...
Eddie Ilarde pioneered radio and TV formats that survive to this day.
In 1953, Edgardo "Eddie" U. Ilarde opened the afternoon program of DZRH with his iconic voice that would become a staple for the radio station for the whole decade. “This is MBC, the Manila Broadcasting Company, DZRH, the voice of the Philippines. The ...
Here's a brief history of Rodante Marcoleta's politics.
As the nation closely watched the prolonged hearings on the renewal of ABS-CBN’s franchise, one man became the central figure opposing the network’s return to the airwaves: SAGIP partylist representative Rodante Marcoleta. Marcoleta was the most vocal lawmaker opposing the franchise renewal ...
The wunderkind director is woke to the strange rules of the new order, smuggling subtext in different genres and exploring all available platforms. Most of all, Red knows that, in this post-pandemic world, we don’t have infinite time.
Mikhail Red was 21 when he made his first feature film, Rekorder. It was about a drifter who pirated movies, a film that was enamored with the behavioral effects of the overconsumption of technology and violence. The movie was screened at the Cinemalaya Film Festival ...
F. Sionil Jose has many controversial statements.
Last week, National Artist for Literature F. Sionil Jose provoked harsh criticism after he dismissed the shutdown of ABS-CBN as no real loss.“I'll not mourn the passing of ABS-CBN,” said Jose. “The Filipinos do not really need ABS-CBN. It does not produce ...
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