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Ate Luds was a giant in the world of entertainment journalism.
Because news and information today are available right at our fingertips, many people don’t need someone to deliver these to our households through radio and television. But there was a time when we tuned in to our TV sets nightly to watch ...
Hacienderos, politicians, heiresses, and more.
We love a good rags-to-riches story. We've all seen reality show contestants bawl on TV, sobbing as they confess how a career in show businesses would lift up their family's quality of life. It's all very heartwarming, but what about the other ...
They triumphed despite adversity.
Often, celebrities need to play roles that require them to tap into strong emotions of loss and despair. And one would wonder what makes them so effective and believable? Were they trying to remember some dark past? Or were they just faking ...
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