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Taytay isn’t the only one.
Last year, we wrote about a crater on Mars named after a Philippine town. We also wrote about all of the other stuff in space with a Filipino origin. As it turns out, there are more craters on Mars named after towns in ...
But don't forget to practice social distancing.
With everything that's going on right now thanks to the pandemic, everyone needs all the help they can get. And it seems like a good time to believe in the power of wishing stars, right? Heads up: the annual Lyrids meteor shower is scheduled ...
Yes, the billionaire entrepreneur behind Tesla and SpaceX, did use a four-letter word.
On February 6, SpaceX took a giant leap for mankind and successfully launched the Falcon Heavy rocket.The momentous launch opens up a whole bunch of possibilities in the realm of space exploration. The Falcon Heavy’s payload size capability is about 140,700 pounds—equivalent ...
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