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Hayu is for those who live for the drama of reality shows.
On-demand video streaming services are a dime-a-dozen these days. Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, iFlix, and a few others have completely changed the way many of us watch and enjoy video content. You can add a new platform to that list. Actually, hayu ...
It all adds up.
Did you know that the average Netflix user spent about two hours a day watching content on the service in 2019? This was revealed by Netflix VP for Original Content Cindy Holland herself. Of course, this was before most of the world shut down ...
That’s you, your family, and then some.
When Apple announced its budget $699 (roughly P37,000) iPhone 11 earlier this week, everyone went wild. But this little nugget, overshadowed by the news of Apple’s entrance into budget mobile phones, went under the radar: Apple TV+ will cost you only P249 ...
With Disney and Apple about to launch rivals to Netflix, are we all going to stream ourselves silly?
At some point this autumn, you’ll sign up for Apple TV+, Apple’s new streaming service. The launch date hasn’t been announced yet, but it will be, and you’ll get it. It’s launching with big fancy shows from proper household-name talent—Steven Spielberg, J.J. ...
David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will be making exclusive shows and films for the platform.
The creative duo behind Game of Thrones, David Benioff and DB Weiss, have signed an exclusive nine-figure deal with Netflix to create and produce brand new series and films for the streaming platform.Despite rumours of their negotiations with other platforms, such as Amazon ...
Ellen Page and Mary J. Blige star in this Netflix version of the Dark Horse Comics series.
While everyone has their eyes on the major superhero universes from DC and Marvel, thank Odin that there seems to be someone from the streaming services who has their eye outside the mainstream.Netflix has just released a teaser and the first images from ...
Ed Sheeran also occupies a top spot in the global rankings (again).
Remember the good old days when the best measure of a musician’s success is through record sales? Today, it’s getting harder to tell just how big an artist is. Do you go by how high their single or album charted on a ...
Redemption for the lagging Defender series is finally on the horizon.
The first season of Netflix’s Iron Fist was abominable. It was easily the worst Marvel show on television, with a badly cast Finn Jones as the titular Iron Fist. Jones’ lack of martial arts training was painfully apparent during the fight sequences, ...
Pressures on the company mean unwelcome changes could be coming soon
Netflix users only needed to hear the rumor that it might be about to interrupt their evening binges with adverts for the cancellation threats to start."I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed. I hope you'll reconsider this," said one user on Twitter. "I ...
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