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Next year it will be 90 years old. Why does it still work so well in so many ways?
In the spring of 2012, the design studio Barnbrook faced an unenviable dilemma: how to brand a product that had spent more than 40 years consciously resisting all branding? The product was David Bowie. More specifically, Jonathan Barnbrook and Jonathan Abbott were ...
This year, D&G took to Venice along with a pack of celebrities and well-heeled customers to celebrate Italian craftsmanship.
For Dolce & Gabbana, Italy’s preeminent purveyor of the baroque in fashion, the country is a rich and unending source of inspiration for upscale occasion wear. That richness—of color and pattern and technique—pervades the clothing and accessories through and through, but nowhere more ...
A unique chronograph for the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este.
There are fancy car shows, and then there is the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este.The vintage and historical motoring event began in 1929 and is now held annually on the western shore of Lake Como, in northern Italy. It sounds posh, and it ...
Greek and Roman retellings have everything: heroes, villains, monsters, magic, sex. And they’re about to be everywhere.
When Ayman Chaudhary discovered The Song of Achilles, Madeline Miller’s ravishing reimagination of the Iliad, centered on the tragic romance between mythological warrior Achilles and his doomed lover Patroclus, she knew she knew it deserved its own Tiktok. Chaudhary, a 20-year-old student based in Chicago, ...
Billions of people have taken the COVID-19 vaccines and they're totally fine
Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend's testicles, or at least the saga thereof, have revealed a great deal about the ongoing vaccine debate, at least in the Western Hemisphere. It's a look at the anti-vax media ecosystem, where the species range from the "just ...
How to wear this uber-watch? Keep everything else simple.
Justin Bieber’s Mat Gala look was a study in simplicity and sophistication.At least, relatively.While Kid Cudi wore a Louis Vuitton skirt plus a $1 million KAWS x Ben Baller pendant, accessorized with heavy eyeliner (black), nail varnish (blue), hair dye (green), and ...
The September Keynote marks the biggest news from Apple all year.
It's that time of the year again: The time for us to nurse hangovers while watching a big, important Apple announcement event. (The hangovers and the event are not linked by way of causality, but it doesn't not hurt to be in a twilight ...
Plain? Cheese? Plain cheese? Regular? We asked the experts.
What do you call an unadorned, triangular slice of dough baked with a crust, tomato sauce, and cheese? In America, there is divisiveness over how to refer to a pizza with no toppings. Bringing it up often draws as much derision as ...
'You basically do a yoga class while they electrocute you. It's awful.'
Like the majority of Hollywood's acting elite, Tom Holland isn't shy about putting in the hard yards for an upcoming role – as his recent transformation for upcoming flick Spider-Man: No Way Home attests.Appearing recently on The Graham Norton Show alongside Mark Wahlberg and Sienna Miller, Holland ...
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