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When my son was born, I was certain I would be a natural. I bit off way more than I could chew.
The midwife and her assistant swooped through our bedroom like magicians, vanishing any trace of bodily fluids, while my wife, Annie, and I took turns cradling our baby boy Avishai skin-to-skin.“Moms and babies have a natural bond,” Annie said, matter-of-factly. “Dads can’t ...
Keychains, phone cases, picture frames.
Before its official launch on Friday, scores of Pinoy BTS ARMY got ahead of the general public in purchasing the much-awaited McDonald's BTS Meal and as expected, fandom love is already overwhelming.As the BTS Meal is a limited offering, fans are attempting ...
Are you financially healthy?
The past year has been challenging: Lives were lost, companies shut down, unemployment went up. Most people have tightened their purse strings during this time of uncertainty, but even those willing to make big-ticket purchases like cars now find new roadblocks on ...
He looks harmless, but don't be fooled.
He looked harmless, but don't be fooled: SJ Belangel is an absolute killer.The 21-year-old, in fact, isn't scared of seizing the moment if the opportunity presents itself - whether it be with Ateneo, as seen from the last UAAP Finals, or in ...
You are rich. You are famous. Why are you on the Internet?
Why are extraordinarily wealthy and famous people doing their own tweeting?You are rich. You are famous. Why are you on the Internet?Because I want to make my voice heard, you say. Because I want to connect directly with my fans. How about you ask ...
The senator says now is not the best time to announce 2022 plans.
Senator Panfilo Lacson said Monday now would not be the best time to announce it as the country still has pandemic-related problems to deal with.Lacson said he was still in the process of consulting with various sectors about running for president next ...
The poor whale almost accidentally swallowed a human.
A humpback whale had the unfortunate experience of almost swallowing a human man on Friday. According to local news station WBZ-TV, Michael Packard, 56, was diving for lobster off the coast of Provincetown, Massachusetts early on Friday morning, when, suddenly, everything went ...
The Hoover Dam is losing its reason for being.
Here at the shebeen, one of the larger elements in our portfolio is water—specifically, the increasing political salience of water, especially in the West, where they are experiencing such profound drought conditions that the Hoover Dam, of all things, is losing its ...
A stunning report lays out how U.S. taxes work for the super-rich.
A stunning new report from ProPublica lays out how the American tax system really works for the super-rich.Sometimes you get the feeling that a lot of our discussions around taxes basically amount to reassigning state rooms on the Titanic. There's broad support for ...
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