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The brand's limited releases get a lot of attention, but its standby timepieces are just as great.
We're not sure exactly when it happened, but we've got a pretty good idea. It probably started with those first collabs with J.Crew. Or, wait. Maybe it was the team-up with Todd Snyder. Or, more recently, the release of a throwback style ...
You're going to want to get in on it.
What do you get when you take a classic Timex and combine it with the University of the Philippines' trademarks, symbols, images, and icons? The short answer: a watch that smoothly shows your school pride. But since this isn't the first time the ...
The "Mid Century" style is based on a watch from the '70s, but looks like something out of the '50s. Trippy.
Funny how things come back around. Because right now, in 2019, we're in a heyday of old-school style—at least when it comes to watches. After years of big-as-a-dinner-plate dials and (perhaps a little too) bold design choices, the horological world is embracing ...
The new "Blackout" Marlin is a whole lot of hand-wound sophistication in a P10K package.
Last year, Timex released a little watch that made a big splash. The Marlin was a throwback in all the right ways, with a hand-wound mechanical movement and a 34mm diameter that recalled the very best of mid-century design. And at just ...
They blend sports, smarts, and timekeeping capabilities.
A watch is no longer just a watch. With wearable tech on the rise, watches are really becoming more like mini computers you can wrap around your wrist. That might be the most true when it comes to sports watches—ones that track ...
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