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If you haven't got a Rimowa yet, now's your chance.
It's probably going to be a while before travel is fully opened up, but that doesn't mean we can't continue to think about it. By, you know, adding new places on your list, perfecting that travel itinerary, or… buying new luggage so ...
'The island gives you peace enough to bring out the best in you.'
“Siargao allows you to be at peace,” says Dr. TJ Manalang, a municipal health officer in General Luna, Siargao. “You are at peace whatever happens to you the entire day,” he added.  It’s not very easy to find peace these days, especially when we’re constantly bombarded with all ...
It's a partnership between Disney and Airbnb.
Well, we have good news and bad news. The good news? Airbnb has just partnered up with Disney to recreated beloved Winnie the Pooh's treehouse n the Hundred Acre Wood as part of Disney's 95th-anniversary celebrations of the character.The bad news? Well, it's all ...
A hotel with the comforts of home.
If you’re returning to the Philippines from abroad and seeking a comfortable hotel for your required quarantine, consider Aruga Apartments by Rockwell. The premier apartments in the heart of Rockwell, Makati, prides itself on providing a homey, comfortable vibe to both short- and long-term ...
A flight attendant who used to travel the world for work finds reasons to appreciate being grounded.
It’s 2:30 a.m. as I reach for my alarm, half-awake after a 14-hour slumber. I was recovering from a summer trip during my off days in a little-known city in Austria called Klagenfurt, about to fly to Brazil for work where it’s ...
PAL is a survivor, company says.
Philippine Airlines (PAL) officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last week, but it still needs to be approved by the courts in the U.S. Company officials said chances that the restructuring program will be rejected are “very, very small.” The country’s flag carrier expects ...
Not quite Dickensesque, but a modern take on the science fiction classic apparatus, portals.
Time machines and transportation portals may still be a thing of the future (or sci-fi movies), but trust humanity to find a workaround. The people of Vilnius, Lithuania and Lublin, Poland can now save 7.5 hours of land travel time by waving ...
Bad news.
Cathay Pacific is permanently closing its ticketing offices in Manila and Cebu starting September 1, 2021. The Hong Kong-based airline said its ticketing office at the 20th floor of the LKG Towers along Ayala Avenue in Makati City and at the 12th ...
PAL is still in the red.
The troubles aren’t over for the country’s legacy carrier Philippine Airlines. Earlier this week, the company reported that it had returned two aircrafts to their lessor last July. In addition, its new aircraft delivery schedule that had originally been scheduled for 2020 ...
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