Who Can Ride With You Under the GCQ?

Movement is still limited, but there will be more modes of transport available

As of this writing, ECQ has been lifted in some areas in Luzon, and the general community quarantine period (GCQ) will be implemented in its place.

Under the GCQ, some modes of transport are allowed following specific guidelines set by the Department of Transportation (DOTr), and these guidelines are what we’re going to take a look at here. But before we get into it, you can first take a look at the areas that remain under ECQ in this previous story of ours.

Now, let’s move onto the guidelines. The government has already clarified that PUVs and transport terminals may resume operations, provided that they observe the proper safety measures and abide by the specified maximum capacity limit per vehicle.

Drivers are mandated to use face masks and gloves, while all transport vehicles and terminals must be regularly disinfected. The passenger load for each PUV, meanwhile, is limited so as to properly enforce social-distancing measures. For a detailed breakdown of the specified limit for buses, jeepneys, tricycles, taxis, and TNVS and UV Express vehicles, you can check out the guidelines here.


As for private vehicles, essentially there should only be two people—driver and passenger—occupying the front row. All other front-facing seats should not have more than two passengers per row. On the other hand, backriding on motorcycles is strictly prohibited. The government is likewise encouraging the public to use bicycles as an alternative and pushing LGUs to identify bicycle lanes or bike-only roads.

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To view the full guidelines, check out the DOTr’s official Facebook post below:


So, if ECQ has been lifted in your area, take note of these new GCQ guidelines. Meanwhile, if you reside in Metro Manila, you can refer to Google Maps or for more info on the free transport vehicles for frontliners and the corresponding routes.

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