Waze Philippines Community Directs Motorists to Stay Home

'That's the only navigation advice most of us need at present.'

Waze adds some new nifty features every now and then, some of which it does as a response to national crises. In January, it introduced a new Crisis Response feature after the Taal Volcano eruption to point all willing donors in the right direction.

Now, as the country tries to deal with yet another national crisis in COVID-19, it seems that some motorists look to the mobile navigation app to identify quarantine and test areas. In light of this, the Waze Philippines community—not Waze Philippines itself—has released a statement clarifying that it will not be mapping such locations for a number of reasons.

“First of all, things are rapidly evolving, so people should instead monitor official announcements and act accordingly,” the statement reads. “Second, most of us are supposed to stay home anyway. The community would rather support the government’s direction to observe social distancing and stay home. That’s the only navigation advice most of us need at present.”


In addition, the group also stated that it will not be mapping testing areas due to the limited number of test kits that local medical facilities have at the moment.

“People can’t just drop by to get tested. Please respect this and follow the official advice of the Department of Health. If you are directed to go to a hospital, these are searchable on Waze. Stay safe, stay home.”

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