The New Yamaha XMAX is a Study in Aerodynamic Design and Smart Styling

It doesn’t just look fast enough to take flight—it also looks amazing.
The New Yamaha XMAX is a Study in Aerodynamic Design and Smart Styling

There’s nothing like the sense of freedom that comes with taking a motorcycle out into the open road. It’s both a rush and a calm like nothing else. Zip your way out of EDSA traffic and into a clear highway, hit a nice pace, and feel the wind rustling through your hair and your clothes. In that moment, all that exists is you, your machine, and the ride.

The experience only gets better with the quality of your equipment, which is why so many riders obsess over finding the right ride. Yamaha’s Max series is a very popular option, and it’s not hard to see why. 

Leading the charge is the new 2020 Yamaha XMAX, which uses a visually arresting boomerang motif on its body, designed for improved aerodynamics. The sleek lines evoke a sense of swift, powerful, yet sophisticated motion, like a stealth fighter in black-tie attire. Every slope on its surface moves forward, directing the eye to the scooter’s face as a focal point.

From the front, the XMAX’s dual LED headlights are like a pair of determined eyes underneath a gladiator’s helmet. On top is an adjustable windshield that can be raised up to 50mm higher for more protection and greater aerodynamic leverage. The adjustable handlebar peeks out just slightly from the face’s “wings.” The rear is just as impressive, with full LED tail lights and a discreet exhaust pipe encased in a jet engine shell.

Beyond its looks, the XMAX feels like freedom, too. Just the act of starting up its engine is enough to get that premium experience, with a keyless ignition system controlled with a push of a button on the Smart Key. The saddle is large enough to cover a compartment that fits two helmets and more, and comes with padding so plush that you can ride for hours without any muscle soreness where the sun doesn’t shine.

On the driving end, the machine’s 300cc liquid-cooled Blue Core engine gives you enough power for a gleefully zippy ride while maximizing fuel efficiency. An electronic traction control system features several sensors around your rear tire, and automatically makes adjustments to prevent traction loss should the system detect any slips. The Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) gives you optimum control over both your front and rear disc brakes—combine that with wide tubeless tires designed for improved grip on wet or dry surfaces, the new Yahama XMAX offers an even smoother ride than its predecessors.

There’s a fair bit of convenience to the XMAX’s design, too. The scooter’s multi-functional speedometer gives you all the information you need to adjust for a safe—but still very fun—drive. A great bonus is the electrical power socket by the glove compartment that lets you run your navigation apps without worrying about your device’s battery.

All this comes together in a handsome package, making the 2020 Yamaha XMAX a scooter to keep an eye on this year. Not only does it look fantastic, but it also drives like a dream.

You can learn more about the XMAX on Yamaha’s official website.

This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with YAMAHA.